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  1. Since yesterday I've used POD HD500. It's very simple to work. But I have two questions overall about HD500. How do get best recording quality? Any settings? Tips? How is different about standard HD500 connect to amp (just mono unbalanced output) than 4 cable method? Thanks in advance for help.
  2. Ok, so when I record do I have to use left output? I can't get stereo, cause my speaker is Laney aor 30.
  3. I've configured everything as well. Works good, just the sound is not perfectly, like at other videos with using POD HD300.
  4. Okey, I've used your settings for recording and it's really better, but not the best like others videos. :P POD HD500 is much chipper now, so there's no problem to sell mine HD300 and buy HD500. I think I'll feel different and freedom to set my guitar sound. :)
  5. I can see two outpus on my HD300. Right and left. And I can see, that if I'm using studio mode, I have to use Right output, because HD300 says: L-Live, R-Studio. And I have never used right output. I'm coming home as fast as I can and I check out this method. :P And about HD500. Will I feel the different in sound when I buy HD500? And about reocording. Which settings should I get in POD to record?
  6. Hey everyone! I'm using my POD HD300, and it's awesome, but there are 2 things which lollipop me off so I'm going to buy POD HD500 :c 1. recording - when I listen to my sound live on amp, it sounds good, but if I record my guitar and listen to mp3 of it, it just sounds much worse! So, quality of the recording will be better on POD HD500 and the latency will be lesser? 2. sound - predominantly I can't get nice sound myself, and I have to download done preset from line6 and only then it sounds good. So.. I'm afraid that all the more reason I won't be able to get nice sound from HD500 if I can't get on with my HD300. :/ But on line6.com are more presets for HD500 and it's nice. POD HD500 will be sound better? P.S. I do a lot of covers, and I need good equipment to recording, so hd500 will be ok? And have you got any tips for recording? for example pod settings, or recording 2 times (one for left and one for right speaker)? Sorry for my english. :)
  7. Keyboard amp sounds cool. Have you got any good and cheap?
  8. Fender has got a lot of effects. And I don't want to pay for something I don't need.
  9. Hey guys! I'm looking for amp for my pod hd300. What do I need? nice sound ONLY FROM MY POD. (Because when I plug in my pod to marshall valvestate 8040 of my friend, I can hear sound from his amp and from my POD and it sounds ugly overall.. I used to have Cube 20XL and I used to plug in my POD to AUX IN input and everything has worked perfectly. My budget is about 500-600PLN so it's $150-160. Amp may be second-hand and must have 40W min. Have you got any good idea?
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