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  1. teovai

    Pod HD 500 midi

    My amp works on this program change : 1.clean 2.crunch 3.od1 4.od2 I set fs1 - 4 to relative program change. Ok. I d like to use for example, delay on fs5,chorus on fs6,reverb on fs7,eq in fs8. So for every amp channel i can use the 4 effects. Sorry i can t understand how to do. Have i to set a patch with effect loop on the pod? I think yes... When i hold down the move button, how can i say on the midi sceeen, fs5 turn on and off delay?
  2. teovai

    Pod HD 500 midi

    How can i do that? What configurations have i to set?
  3. teovai

    Pod HD 500 midi

    Is it possibile to use the pod HD 500 to Simultaneously drive a midi amplofier head and use effects inside the pod with 4-wire method? Actually i m using the pod as a midi controller to drive the head and change the channels. I d like to change channels with fs1 - fs4 and use 4 pod effects with fs5 - fs8. Or both combination. I m not sure it s possibile :-( that would be great Thanks!
  4. teovai

    3 cable method ???

    IS it possible for you to connect the pod hd 500 only on the 'return' and 'out' jacks only, to get only ambient effects from the POD? Only to do not convert from Analog to Digital 4 times the tube amp signal (like the 4 cable method does)? Like this: (FX LOOP set to ON in the POD) guitar -> tube amplifier IN -> tube amplifier SEND -> POD RETURN -> [ ambient effects ] -> POD OUT -> tube amplifier RETURN thank you!
  5. Hi, Can someone tell me What s The ADC - DAC bit resolution of The pod HD 500? Maybe also The processor frequency, The sample rate frequency, time latency of The signal etc... Where can i read these specific informations? Thanks
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