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  1. I sold my HD300 and purchased an HD Desktop. I assumed the presets would be the same so I didn't write out the settings for the HD300 preset "High Strung". This preset is nowhere to be found on the HD Desktop. I opened a ticket on Support but no luck. I would sure appreciate anyone with a POD HD300, who has that preset, providing the amp, mics, cabs, and effects with parameters. I really liked that preset. Thank you
  2. Does anyone have any thoughts about the other part of my question concerning the stereo line out on the Sonic Port? I'm referring to whether or not that output could send a signal to an on-stage amplifier AND the FOH PA using an insert cable? If that would work then the issue would be could I create a sound using Pod 2.0 technology that is adequately similar to a particular patch I like on the HD300. Thanks for any thoughts.
  3. That would be a disappointment. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I currently use a POD HD300. In "Dual" output mode I send the left 1/4" output to a custom Fender Pro Jr. on stage and the right 1/4" output to the FOH PA. I'm interested to know if the 1/4" Mono/Stereo output of the Sonic Port could be used in the same manner using an insert cable. Also, my favorite sound from the HD300 is "High Strung". Is that sound available to be included in the Sonic Port? Thank you.
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