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  1. Has anybody at Line 6 got anything to say on this matter? I've seen no response, thus far. NB - For any other UX2 users - I'm looking into getting a MOTU M2 to replace my UX2 - https://motu.com/en-us/products/m-series/m2/ (has anyone else got other recommendations?) I really don't want to switch; my UX2 has served me well... I truly hope Line 6 steps up and make this right, quickly. If not, they will undoubtedly lose a loyal customer-base.
  2. Classic Line 6 support right there. Looks like the end is neigh for my Line 6 Ecosystem! Really sad, I do hope they offer support very soon. It's served me well over the years!
  3. Hey all, I've had a quick search and can't find anything recent on this; Has anyone had any luck with running their UX2 on the new M1 iMac? License Manager & driver seems to install fine, but I'm just getting the flashing red lights of doom on my UX2. Has anyone managed to get it to work? Cheers
  4. Also have this issue. No audio after upgrading to El Capitan. Are Line 6 just going to ignore their customers on this issue? I haven't seen a single piece of literature from them. Not even a (coming soon) message.
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