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  1. I looked better at my guitar yesterday and there's light in my model knob but it's so low that I can only see it when I'm in the dark. As the knob works I will stay with it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your answer but I think I explained my question bad . The knob , even if it' hard , works but it doesn' light as the manual says and as the tuning knob do so it's not easy to see if the modelind is on. Is there a easy solution or should I change the knob?
  3. Hello I've just bought a used Variax JTV 69 ( it's my third Variax experiency because I have had older models before ) and it seems there 's a issue with the model pot who doesn't light even if the led under is on. There s no such issue with the tuning pot. Has someone had this trouble and how to repair it? Thanks for your answers.
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