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  1. OK, this might sound convoluted and silly but I'm wondering if anyone knows how workable it would be to replace the pots that would be used for the original shortboard with the same kind that are in the Line 6 Expression pedals that you use for the Mod Pro, Echo Pro and Filter Pro. I used to use a Pod Pro with this board but the Pod crapped out on me, rendering the board useless because I bought an HD Pro X and the floorboard for that. I still haven't gotten rid of the original board and have plans on using the bank buttons, etc. to control reverb/tremolo on various Fender amps but I'd also like to use the volume/wah pedals in place of buying a 2nd and 3rd expression pedal if possible. I'm just not sure if it's worth the work of pulling it apart and trying to install the right pots into it. Thanks for any advice-even if the advice is 'don't waste your time and just buy 2 more expression pedals'.
  2. I wasn't aware that there was ANY functionality with that first longboard and the HD Pro X-which is why I got buying the MK II shortboard. But my hope was that I could take the existing volume type pedals from the old longboard and connect the wiring to 2 separate 1/4" jacks and turn them into expression pedals that would work with other line 6 rack effects that I have that can use the EX1 expression pedals. I think I have to get in and see what kind of potentiometer is used inside though.
  3. This might sound ridiculous and not worth the effort but I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to convert the volume and wah pedal from the first original longboard into 2 expression pedals. I've had the board for a long time but when my Pro rack crapped out on me I replaced it with an HD Pro X which means the longboard became useless. I also have the Filter Pro, Mod Pro and Echo Pro racks but only one expression pedal so I thought it might be possible to take the thing apart and somehow make the 2 pedals on the board work with those units. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated before I have to start yelling at it for not working out the way I want or easily enough.
  4. OK, was still having a hard time getting it through monkey and ended up resorting to a torrent site of all things. Thanks for the reply and info.
  5. I bought a shortboard for the Pod HD Pro X and while reading about it saw that there is Controller Software which I managed to find, not easily, on the download page. But when I go to download, no actual software gets downloaded. There is, of course the 'if your download doesn't begin click here' message but the 'click here' isn't a link to anything. Can anyone clue this guy in as to how to get the software, or if it's another thing that Line 6 decided not to support anymore? Thanks for any info in advance.
  6. OK, thanks for the replies. I was hoping there'd be a way to make what I already have work, or at least that I could use one of the three expression pedals I have without having to buy all new stuff but that's not how things work anymore so I think that the quality of wah sounds, etc. isn't worth me paying more to replace something I already have. I like my HD X but it's too frustrating to have to keep replacing perfectly good and working equipment.
  7. Apologies if this has been beaten to death already-I did a search and haven't found what I thought of as an absolute answer (or maybe I'm naive in my hope) but I wanted to confirm that the Pod HD Pro X that I just bought is NOT going to work with that old longer floorboard ( http://line6.com/legacy/images/Floorboard.jpg ). I had to replace a Pod Pro because it just stopped working one day and decided to just go for the HD Pro X, assuming that, because the floorboard connection was on the back that I'd be able to use the floorboard I already had but it seems to unlikely. And it gets me, again, cursing and loving technology at the same time.
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