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  1. You are right about customer service. Being lucky enough (2nd time around) to have a unit that worked, my next step was to ensure that the cable didn't ever let me down - one careless foot on a crowded stage and its all over. So where do you get a spare? After various fruitless enquiries I asked L6 via a Support ticket. Not even the courtesy of telling me to get lost was forthcoming. Stupid. It makes you question everything about them afterwards.
  2. There is much truth in what you say, but I have this much to add. Firstly: So far, apart from the problems I've already outlined, Sonic Port has treated me well - so far.....please....so far. Second: if you tried to criticise IK Multimedia on one of their forums they would come down on you like a ton of 4x12s. Try it and see. And be very careful before purchasing a Blueboard.
  3. That is shocking story. Quite why they put this product out I'm not sure. Do these manufacturers assume they have to have one-of-everything on the market? This is a brand that put out a new version of the HD500, that even they themselves don't seem to be able to say what's different about it. And they are clearly devoted to ensuring that everybody plays a Vari-wotsit thingy. I have yet to meet anyone who who does and I doubt if I will. Especially given their current corporate performance.
  4. And be prepared for some latency. But no-one seems to notice that, or so it seems.
  5. While swapping the first one I had two cables so I had the chance to see if the cable was at fault. I kept the original cable just in case. The IOS connector has retracting teeth that fasten it into the socket. I take great care to make sure that these teeth are withdrawn before plugging/ unplugging. The socket on the SP unit is one i don't recognise. I wonder if it is a standard item that can be got from elsewhere? Sounds like I've been relatively lucky. Why don't Line6 make one that just works?
  6. Reports of failure in new Sonic Ports has been bothering me. My first one did not work, and was replaced by the retailer. Frequently the iPad 2 says Device Not Recognised (or something very similar) and I have had to reboot to get it to work. So far this does make the thing go, and as a precaution before a gig I power down before connecting the SonicPort. So far so good, but not filling me with confidence. I chose this over the IK HD as it looked a bit more solid- I like the audio connections being at the same end - but am using it with Amplitube.
  7. Well, yes I do actually! Latency through a Vox AC30 is quite small. Can't say its ever bothered me
  8. I am not getting any noticeable latency when using Jam Up Pro with Sonic Port. I had three gigs over the weekend that I used it and no-one in the band noticed any difference compared to the hardware preamp I used before the Sonic Port. Thanks! I have tried the free Jam Up - its a very generous package, the sounds seem good and the latency seems very low. Once again, these are my impressions not any kind of test. I did some rudimentary calculations based on the speed of sound and how far away your amp has to be for the sound to take 20ms to get to you. Fuss about nothing? Maybe not if the amp is already 12 feet away.
  9. It is interesting that you use Jam Up Pro, which I have no experience of. I wouldn't take too much notice of the others in the band though! Maybe it is better, I reckon Amplitube is lower latency than GB or Line6 but that's only my impression. I have not tested it. Live I would only use an iPad for things that are not too precious.
  10. Why is it that nobody seems to want to acknowledge the elephant in the room, namely, LATENCY? The latency using any of the iPad apps is noticeable, occasionally annoying and definitely not up to the best performance standards. Using Audiobus propels latency into the comedy category. Or is it just me?
  11. The comment about fx routing was misleading - I imagine the poster was referring to Audiobus. I am using Sonicport with Amplitube and it seems ok BUT .......... Earlier today after switching between MobilePod and Amplitube the Sonic port crashed. I shut down and restarted and the problem went away, but I am watching it like the proverbial hawk because I am expecting this to be 100% reliable. Any problems and I will post again. BTW... this SonicP is no.2 . The first didn't work AT ALL. Not on anything.
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