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  1. I'm running the POD HD500x through my Mesa Dual Rectifier stack. With the music my band plays I'm switching between very high gain amp models (podhd) to bright clean amp models (podhd) and in order to really get the punch I need for my distorted channels my Mesa has to be in a gain channel to really sound explosive (same for when I want a vintage clean tone, I would have to switch to my Mesa's clean channel). I've tried playing my clean pod tone while still in the Mesa's gain channel and it sounds very distorted and loud and vice versa trying to play high gain tones through my Mesa's clean channel and just missing so much low end and tube power. The whole reason I got the HD500x was so I wouldn't be "tap-dancing" all over the place switching between effects/tones. So, I'm curious, is there a way to make my pod switch my amp's channel all within one button?
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