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  1. I'm looking to trade my JTV 89 for a JTV 59 or 69 primarily for the tuning. I use open D tuning a lot. Yes, I know how and have changed the Drop B or Drop C tuning to an Open D using the workbench. It's a temporary switch that can easily be returned to default. I don't play my JTV 89 much so when I do I forget which tuning on the knob is set to Open D. I'd like it to say what the tuning actually is. I've gotten a number of compliments about how great the setup is on this guitar. The action is low, one of the easiest guitars I've ever played. I play a lot of acoustic and do a lot of finger picking. I have trouble playing with a pick so there are few if any pick marks. I have allowed someone who uses a pick to play it once or twice. The guitar is black. Very good condition. I have the gig bag, the interface for the computer, etc. If you have the accessories for the JTV 59 or 69, then we wouldn't need to send that, just the guitar.
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