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  1. Unfortunately, after a while, it happened again... From time to time, it freezes at the snapshot mode and unable to come back to stomp mode (only performing a global reset it comes back). It's definitely a new glitch in the 2.81 firmware that I never experienced before with any previous firmware ..
  2. The same over here. Stucked into snapshot mode after 2.81. The CANCEL switch is not bringing me back to the mode mode and i can´t also go to stomp mode anymore...
  3. Thanks again!! I´m really considering the soldering the extra ground wires as you and other suggested. I´m in Brazil and the humidity is very high over here (what I read also is not good for the piezos). One more question: Have you soldered directly or have you used a cold epoxi clue for that (at the piezo side I mean)? Do you perhaps have a photo (from the piezo soldering side) to see how you have done the procedure? I´m a little afraid to damage the piezo with the heat of the solder so I´m checking if I can find the epoxi mentioned in another topic.
  4. Ok Thanks. Will try to clean it and see if it improves. So if I understood correctly, the ground is done via the enclosure / metal contact between the bridge and the piezo itself. So if this is the problem, probably if I force a ground contact using a wire touching the piezo shelf / enclosure during the failure, the sound should come back, right?
  5. Hi all, Have someone the same problem as mine? When I use the whammy bar with my JTV-69 (using the simulation / variax mode - i.e. piezos) th sound of the second string (B) disappear! As soon I return the whammy to the right position, the sounds come back. I already tried to change the angle of the string (saddles high and bridge high lowering and lifting), changed the string, took every string out installing it back, cleaned the faulty piezo.. nothing. I realized that all the other piezos are kind of clued or sticked to the bridge and this one was loose from the beginning. Best regards, Robert
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