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  1. Yes they are. First thing I did when I got it.
  2. Ok so I have figured out the minute I activate the TT in Cubase, it causes an ASIO Time Overload issue. Not sure how to solve that. I tried removing all VSTs with no luck. It happens even in a new project start without any tracks.
  3. Hi I had actually posted in POD HD section with problems and instead just replaced unit with the Amplifi TT. It sounds awesome but the one issue I am having is a slight skipping issue in the recording and playback. Also when mixdown is produced I can hear it slightly. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Hey Bjnette thanks for the response. I don't have access to any computer with Windows 7, so can't really do anything there. I tried installing drivers all the way back to, and installed them cleanly via Device Manager and still BSOD with same messages. I forgot to include that I can run POD HD Edit just fine by itself, but the minute any DAW finishes loading the main screen and needs to access the Line 6 drivers, that when message is received.
  5. HI I have a Pod HD that I cannot for the life of me get to work on my computer. First off stats: ASUS X550VX Intel Core I7 6700HQ 3.5 GHz 16gb RAM Intel HD Graphics 530 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M WIndows 10 Computer is 6 months old. I have read every post front to back here about the BSOD issues and NONE have solved my problem. I have disabled things (from sound card to usb power management to wireless), reinstalled Windows, tried both Cubase and Reaper, tried USB 3.0 and 2.0, updated driver cleanly, contacted Support and they were not helpful at all. They told me it was another driver causing this problem and I'm on my own, when the L6PODHDBEAN64.sys file is the culprit most times. ALL my drivers are up to date, BIOS included. I tried ASIO4ALL and tried to run that as the ASIO with POD as a recording device to no avail. Two messages I keep getting are Bed Pool Header with regards to ntoskrnl.sys Driver IRQL Less Than with regards to L6PODHDBEAN64.sys Memory on my computer all checks. All the messages I read on this forum didn't really have any answers. Thanks
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