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  1. Nice! I moved it before the amp, like you said (hurghanico). Now it sounds really cool (and clean with the dry) in this setup. Much appreciated to everyone who responded.
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone. I uploaded my h5e tone so that you can see what my chain and outout levels are. Like I said, I think it's all good because other delay types have no issue. My tone name is called: Black Face head with Treadplate or number 239878 in thir database, it seems. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/239878
  3. Woops, my appologies Arislaf I incorrectly identified you as Gear Head - I just figured out that is your experience level ;-)
  4. Thanks for the reply and suggestion Gear Head. I tried the re-flash. Didn't help. I even put tried another HD500 and same thing. I recorded a sample that hjighlights the problem (I've got audio drop outs due to not setting up the ASIO properly yet). http://www.denver-guitar.com/bad%20tape%20echo%20on%20hd500.mp3 The first piece is the Tape Echo Dry - you can hear the clean tone from the Black Face amp and a Treadplate V30 cab with the 67 condensor mic. The depay trails are all distored and there does seem to be a parameter to adjust or fix it. The end of the sample has the second delay - Tape Echo. Everything is distorted. I even switched the delay off and on a few times in the recording to show the clean sound and then the delay. No distortion pedals in the patch so I'm not accidentally kicking on a distortion pedal (as evidenced by the beginning of the patch). Thanks for checking and any additonal comments or suggestions.
  5. The Analog echo degrades too quickly. the echo platter doesnt seem to degrade much at all, but it does have the flutter control. Why do the tube and tape echos distort SO MUCH! Even with the mix set to zero the original signal is distorted when the effect model is turned on. These are almost useless with clean amps. Do I have a problem with my hardware or is this the same for all HD500s? Thanks
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