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  1. Line 6 just answered me : " Hi, the update reduces the charge capacity so that there’s no chance of overcharge. The reduction applies to batteries in all states of previous capacity, so if an older or heavily used battery was already depleting, the update could result in shorter overall capacity. We will replace the transmitter. For this we ask you to contact your Line 6 reseller from where you've purchased the G10. The old firmware cannot be reinstalled due to security reasons. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding. Best regards Olaf Schildt Line 6/Ampeg Support Europe " I will try to contact Thomann, they are very serious and responsible
  2. Here , same action I updated my g10, both transmitter and receiver to the new firmware per the security reasons, and now it’s not charging, base is white for a while, transmitter blinking red, seems charging but after some time base goes red again and the transmitter seems to discharge until not blinking any more , please help! Are you releasing another firmware update? I just opened a ticket, very disappointed, not a cheap unit and it’s sad to see it ruined for a fw update
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