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  1. Thanks for the reply Brazzy. It doesn't make the noise just being on and guitar plugged in. Only when playing. I am in the process of removing all the main PCB's to check all the caps for leakage. see what I can find and go from there.
  2. I have had this Spider Jam 75watt for 2 1/2 years and has worked perfectly until a month ago. I now get a buzzing sound on every amp model. sounds as if I have a bad speaker, however drums, recodings, etc. play clean so there is no speaker problem. I have tried lowering the drive to minimum and the channel volume to max. No change. I have tried two guitars and two cords. No change. Checked and re-soldered the input jack contacts. No change. All the caps appear normal. Need help. I work on Pc's, so I am not afraid to get in there. I just can't see throwing away a $400 amp.
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