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  1. Thanks brue58ski, dunedindragon and Alex, Guess I have some research to do :) Look up artists of song and typical setups they use or any special setups for specific songs. Gotta a lot of playing around to do. Again, thanks guys! Coop
  2. Thanks guys, Guess I could have been more detailed. I was really looking for some suggestions on different presets for the different genres that I listed. I use the 4 cable FX loop method so I can disable the modeled amps on some of my presets and get the true tube amp sound and just use the effects. I'm still learning the guitar, let alone trying to figure out all of the effects and such. I thought with whatever presets that may be suggested, I would take them and try them both ways, using the modeling amp as the preset is configured and then turn off the modeling amp and try the same effects/settings through my amp. Right now, not using the modeling amps, I have a clean preset with some chorus or reverb I can toggle on/off, a crunchy preset and then a down right dirty preset. I have different effects on all that I can toggle on/off. I'm using the global EQ. Again, I appreciate all the tips. I guess I was kind of on the correct direction as to creating my own presets so I can use my amp or the modeling amps. I just need to do some more research on the artists and what types of setups they use. If I find the right ones and using a modeling amp is the better option, I can still enable the modeling amp and run with it. Have played out twice so far and loving it. First time out, right before going on, strapped on my guitar and couldn't even remember the first chord to the opening song I was so wound/nervous. Got on stage and bam! Everything just fell into place, it was awesome. Didn't sleep at all that night.
  3. Hey all, Just started playing a couple of years ago. Bought my POD and got a band together. We play a little of everything so I'm looking for some appropriate presets for the different genres, hope you can help me out. Looking for some presets to fit: 1. Creedence style songs 2. Country style songs 3. Alice in Chains style 4. Blues style 5 Tom Petty 6. Kenny Wayne Shephard I have a Fender deluxe American made and a Blackstar 40 tube amp. Been bypassing the modeling amps through fx loop. But would use the right modeling amp for any of the styles above. Older guy, living out a bucket list item, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Coop
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