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  1. Say there was a point in a song where you knew you had to turn off one effect and turn on a completely different effect at the same time? Oh, and you have to do it fast. What's the best way to do that by only hitting one foot switch? Just from playing around it doesn't appear you can actually turn one completely off and one on with one switch that I can tell. Is the better way to do it by just adjusting the levels within the effect when you hit the button but don't actually turn it off? Like for a delay, make it so hitting the footswitch just makes the feedback 0 instead of actually turning the effect off?
  2. It's starting to look like two options: 1. Rolling back to another version of software which may or may not help. 2. Building patches completely on the unit only going forward - not HD Edit. This would really suck but it does appear that the changes made on the unit immediately reflect on the HD Edit screen as you work. So at least I could get a better visual of what is going on.
  3. Well one step forward, one step back. Changing the bpm on the unit itself and saving there seems to have done the trick on that. I can get out of the preset in HD Edit and go back and it now sticks. However, I've since figured out that delays aren't sticking properly either when done in HD Edit. I can set a 16th note delay, save it from HD Edit, and then leave the preset and when I go back to it the preset it still says 16th note delay but the delay is actually an 8th note delay. To get it back to a 16th note delay, I have to change it to something else, like 8th, then back to 16th to actually hear a 16th note delay again. If I change the delay on the HD500 on the unit itself, not in HD Edit, and save (like the bpm) then it seems to work fine. So I'm starting to lose confidence quickly in HD Edit. I don't know if the issues are all time/bpm related or it goes deeper than that to other things I haven't even discovered yet.
  4. thanks everyone. tap tempo definitely fits the bill sometimes but i'm kind of an Edge/U2 guy so entering it in exactly get's pretty critical on some songs with multiple delays that have to spot on to sound right. my playing is another challenge all together :)
  5. Ok last question... How do you set the bpm on the unit directly? I'm so used to use HD Edit I can't seem to figure it out. Searched all the manuals and scrolled through the settings on the unit but can't seem to find. Thanks for everyone's help so quickly.
  6. Ok sounds good. I will try that and if it works, I can certainly live with that Should I still do a global reset at this point since I never did?
  7. I definitely did not do the global reset so I can try that. I'm assuming it's not too late to do that? Phil - I checked and the temp is set to "preset". Is that correct?
  8. Several things on my original HD500 failed so I ended up selling it at a loss being up front with the buyer about what was wrong with it. I ended up buying another used unit. None of the original presets were on it when I got it so I updated the firmware and restored the originals that came with the unit. I updated to version 2.32 which is the latest but now that I am building my own patches with HD Edit the BPM's will not stick at all and it's driving me insane. If all I do is change a single effect in the patch at times the bpm will often change to something else. When first going to the patch it is almost always at 120 even if I saved it at the correct bpm. I'm not 100% sure that 2.32 caused this issue for me because I updated it as soon I got it - but pretty sure. Would you agree and if so any thoughts on what firmware I should roll it back to and try? I have no idea what was on it when I got it. Thanks!
  9. I was happy to at least figure out that my computer audio will play out through the S/PDIF when connected by USB to the HD500. While there are times I would like to have my iPhone hooked up the HD500, most anything I have on there I can also have on my computer. If I really want to use my iPhone then I can hook up my HD500 to my receiver by the headphone output.
  10. Thanks for the very fast replies! Follow up question... I'm at work now so I haven't tried it yet, but if I have my computer hooked up to the HD500 via USB will the USB audio from my computer come out over the S/PDIF from the HD500? If it did, that would also solve my problem. I know it comes out of the 'Phones' output.
  11. I have my HD500 connected to my home receiver via the S/PDIF output on the HD500. My guitar audio comes out the S/PDIF output fine, however the audio that I am putting into the MP3 input on the HD500 does not pass through and come out of the S/PDIF output along with the guitar sounds. If I use headphones hooked up to the 'Phones' output then I can hear both together just fine. I realize a workaround would be to hook the 'Phones' output up to an analog input on my receiver. But I would really like to be use S/PDIF for this if possible. Is there any way to get the MP3 input to come out my S/PDIF output? I tried looking through the settings but no luck. Thanks. Chris
  12. I had this problem a year or two ago where if I changed my BPM in HD Edit, it would default back to the original BPM the next time I went to the patch. The problem went away that time by rolling back the firmware. I'm now having the same problem again though after stupidly updating the firmware again. At least that's when I think it started again, I'm not exactly sure when the problem came back. If I set up a patch and save it, the BPM setting will default back to whatever it was originally and not what I saved it at. This goes for if I click on another patch and then go back to it OR if I save it locally my computer and then open it up from my computer. What's worse is even if I sync my open patches between the HD500 and the HD Edit software, they are not there the next time I open HD Edit and it syncs with the HD500. I have to save them locally to my computer and then open them one at a time every time I want to use them (and even then the BPM's don't save). I've tried rolling back the HD500 firmware this time to almost every verson and the problem won't go away. Any suggestions?
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