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  1. After a night of trying I can't get it to talk to the amp via bluetooth! :(
  2. Software called Andyroid just sorting the bluetooth now and I will report back
  3. I need some serious help, I've turned my Amplifi150 on this morning and the amp sounds totally flat and has a very low output, even high gain presets sound low in volume and clean. I have loads of presets that are on my android device and stored to the amp and they all seem to be effected the same. Even tones I have uploaded for songs (Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name - Anger Is A Gift) I have uploaded now sound nothing like they did when saved. Has something changed with the app or something I am missing, or is my amp on it's way out? Any help at all is gratefully received as this is is now my primary and only amp as I felt it did a very good job of replacing my other kit but now I am having doubts, thanks in advance Anthony
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