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  1. staincrazy

    Amplifi FX100 for wah and whammy

    Thank you very much. Now I am thinking that probably used hd300 would be even better choice :)
  2. Hello all, Haven’t been using line 6 products since selling my HD300 back in 2012 (when there was no option to get rid of cabsims) Now I’m a few steps from ordering FX100 and I need an advice from experienced line6 users. is it reasonable to get FX100 for mainly wah/whammy and some stomps (delay, chorus, drive) emulation? I am totally good with all it’s cab and ampsims quality because I have almost all iOS amp modelers and see no problem in connecting FX100 to iPad if needed. And don’t think it’s going to be a problem also in setting up patches for songs for live use. Just want to make sure that having this item for Wah/Whammy and Audiointerface makes sense) Looking forward for your opinions. Thanks in advance!