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  1. I am transitioning from using Helix with a DT 50 to a Mission Gemini 1 FRFR cab. I have always used several effects before the preamp only block (Comp/Wah/etc) with the others after the preamp block. I assumed the effects after were essentially in an effects loop as they were placed after the preamp and before the power amp of the DT amplifier. (I turned all of the modeling on the DT off and used it only a power amp fed from the Helix via L6 Link) I will now be changing all of my patches to (full amp) or (amp + cab) models. I have 2 questions: 1. Is a (full amp) block different from an (amp + cab) block? I understand the added flexibility of an (amp + cab) block; my question assumes the (amp + cab) block is pairing 2 matched amps/cabs. Would they be the same in this scenario? 2. Should effects be placed after the cab or between the amp and cab to achieve the function of an effects loop? Thanks!
  2. This is a screen shot of what I see on the laptop screen instantly after switching a preset. (The gray bar is visible for about 2 seconds) This is a screen shot of what I see on the laptop screen a few seconds after switching a preset. (The gray bar disappears) This is a screen shot of what I see on the laptop screen when the editor is on the Command Center screen. (The gray bar is never seen)
  3. Yes, I am using Windows 10. (3 similar but different Toshiba laptops have all displayed this behavior). The Home screen shows the bar for a second or two before it disappears. The Command Center screen never shows the bar even instantly after switching presets.
  4. I just realized this evening that the scroll bar appears for a second or two when I switch presets. It will disappear after a second unless I grab it with the mouse and move it up or down. If I do grab it it will remain for about 2 seconds after letting go of the mouse button. I then have to switch to another preset and then back again to see the bar again.This is working for now but it is a little annoying. I somehow messed up the file attach, sorry. Thanks for trying to help!
  5. I am running the Helix application 1.12 with Windows 10. The top, right, and left of the screen fit perfectly on the screen of my laptop when the window is maximized. The bottom of the screen shows only 4 parameters of whichever block is selected, but it is obvious that there is a portion of the screen "below" my physical screen. I can't find a way to access the "cutoff" area of the screen. (There would be no issue if I could find a slide bar at the right of my screen) I have changed resolution and researched this issue in depth, but I can't find a solution connected to Helix or Windows. Please Help! (Attached is a screen shot of the issue)
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