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  1. Set your patch input z to 1M or 3.5M. Place the fx loop after the mixer on the Pod. Pan channel A & B to center and then turn them both up from 0 to +3 dB on both. I was getting ready to get rid of the pod until I this tip on a Blackstar forum.
  2. I'm using my HD500 with a Randall RM100 and it works great once you have the Pod set up right. At first I was unhappy because it was a serious tone sucker. After some research I got it worked out and sounds great. The amp has midi so I use the Pod to change channels too.
  3. I miss my HD100 MkI. Those SV's are great amps that didn't get the credit they deserved.
  4. Good luck, if it was in my budget I'd get one too. You may get better tones and for the $$$$ it better. I have never read a single post that it is dial in. There is a hell of a learning curve from what I understand. I've seen quite a few post from people that left Fractal and came back to L6 or amp/pedal because they spent too much time tweaking Instead of playing.
  5. I think it is very difficult and tedious. One of the big reasons why I'm not on here much anymore.
  6. I've been using my HD500 via 4CM for effects with my Randall RM100 to do my channel switching. Works great. It was important to me to be able use to POD so I'd have a backup if the amp went down.
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