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  1. JTSC777's post in New to the HD500 and have questions... was marked as the answer   
    Run the pod output into the effect return of your amp.
    Grab a funk patch off of customtone or make one with the Fender Twin model and enable the wah.I like to play Stir It Up etc... with a little edge so I set the amp gain just a bit on the hot side.
    My approach is a bit different as I know most reggae guitar players play a pretty icepick clean Fender Twin type tone But I like a slight grit on mine.
    Listen to some reggae you like and isolate the guitar with your ears and get as close as you can but remember to be yourself when creating tones.When people come to see you play live they will enjoy your interpretation of reggae tones more than sounding like a record.
    Have Fun!!!
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