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  1. Hello, Does anyone have the real names of the Songs that come with the JM4 for example I can tell unexcited it the " The thrill is gone" Thanks Troy
  2. This is not a reply, but a new post, Sorry I don't see where to put a new post. Can anyone name the names of the Song on JAMS for example The Thrill is gone is Unexexcited. I am getting back into using this incredible machine I think its way underrated. I love my JM4 but I would like to know the names of the real songs. Thanks Troy Also let me know how to post this as new.
  3. Hello, Finally Trying this again. I converted the backing track to a .WAV but when I go to load the WAV file from the card I get a message that says Wav File must be 16 bits 44110 HZ Mono, I am attaching my the specs regarding my file, Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also does anyone have some go to WAV files that work with the JM4 in other words some good cover tune backing tracks? Thanks Troy
  4. Hello What are the Guitar Amp FX mode and Loop FX mode page( functions) for? Can someone give an example of or an instance of when you would you use them? I know this is a basic question but the Guide Thanks to all in Advance. Troy
  5. Question. What is purpose of the Loop FX mode. What is Loop FX in general? thanks to all in advance. Troy
  6. Hello, Do I have to absolutly upgarde my firmware to have the ability import files from an SD card? also do they have to be .Wav, or can they be MP3 files for the JM4? I Have version D.SP 2.00/MCU 1.05 Thanks to all. Troy
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