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  1. To all of the Line 6/Yamaha customers and customer service/support employees, I just wanted to point out how above and beyond the company went out for me regarding the DT50 212's notorious power transformer situation, despite the item probably not being under warranty. I had purchased my combo amp in July of 2016, used from a Guitar Center in New York. The amp was/is killer especially when combined with the HD500 and/or Helix. But as we all know, many of the DT50-212 amps have had a terrible, long-documented hardware problem when it comes to the power transformer inside the unit. Come March of 2019, the unit went dead on me, probably because of that, as it had already done so twice over my ownership of it. When I sent it in to Asurion, they said they replaced the transformers both times. Anyway, I contacted Line 6 support and within a day, I was given a UPS shipping label and told to send it in, without questions whatsoever. As of today May 22, 2019, I am happy to report that I received the unit in the mail in fully functional condition once again. Special shout out to Will on the Line 6 customer support website. You, along with Ibanez, have gained my lifetime trust, business, recommendations, and respect because of what you do for the customer when they purchase something expensive from your company's and it ends up being defective (Regarding Ibanez, they received an M80M 8 String in for service OUT OF WARRANTY due to the notorious bridge problems of guitars in the RG8 platform). I've been a Line 6 customer since the days of the first POD bean and have gone with you guys EVERY, SINGLE, TIME that I have bought processors, amps, etc. Too many a time we see people making post's about negative experiences with company's and their products. I hope that one of these posts continues to swing the pendulum towards the positive end of the spectrum. Line 6 f***ing rocks. Will V. is a boss. Thank you.
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