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  1. G10 Relay wireless

  2. Is there any way to minimize a bass player's slap technique using the M20d mixer. Not sure which way to go. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  3. I've found that when recording channels plus main mix that the resulting recording is not very loud. Is there a way to increase the levels for recording purposes without increasing the output of the main mix? It seems that a low volume performance turns into a low volume recording. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Hi, I use a DT25 with a PODHD500 and connect them by L6 Link. I then have the DT25 connected to our M20d stagescape mixer using the direct out connection on the rear of the DT25. My issue is that I getting very little signal to the M20d. It's there but barely. Can the direct out connection by operated independent of the amp master volume? Can the signal be boosted? I'm trying to control stage volume without sacrificing the sound going to the main mix. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Hello, I am very new to the M20d and want to record a performance. I've gone over the online demos on youtube, however, when I connect a 64G class 10 SD card, it fails to show up in my folders. Do I have to format the SD card to make it work? Any suggestions? Bob
  6. I have the following: HD500 Pod, JTV-59, DT25. I would like to be able to do the following. Connect the variax to hd500 using variax cable, connect dt25 to hd500 with L6 connection, and then also connect an acoustic guitar to the hd500 with 1/4" cable (so that I can use the effects on the hd500). Can two guitars (JTV-59 and Acoustic guitar) be connected to hd500 at the same time and controlled by the pod?
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