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  1. I have an unusual problem. I have the Spider IV 150w 2x12 combo which sounds amazing. I use a 4x12 cabinet with it and I use this on stage all the time. My problem started when I figured placing a 2x12 combo on top of a 4x12 cab looked a little silly so I figured I would get the Spider 4 150hd head. So I bought one then backed up my setting from the combo and restored on the 150hd and and..... it sounds like crap. The tones do not match whatsoever. Last night I actually went back and forth between the two amps guaging tone and the 2x12 just sounds so much better. Any idea why this would be? They are supposedly the same amp yet couldn't sound more different. The 2x12 is just so much smoother sounding. Please help, I am stumped on this one. Wanted to add that yes, both at at v2 of the firmware and using the same cabinet, guitars, etc.
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