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  1. Thks Uber ... Cant find the uplink attachments again ???? (nothing in My Media even though I did upload it) and I cannot cut and paste into this (still new to this forum) I did have a picture of the POD units connected via midi cables found in a Line 6 manual and just assumed that is what I needed .. and then plug the guitar in and find a suitable lead connect to go to the amp. Shows what I know. I guess a midi controller is something like a mixing deck and I do not have one of those so I now assume I need to think of connecting them all with in/out jack cables. I can send my slide on an email if you are happy with that but I suppose we have to communicate via message wherever that is on here. Rgds
  2. I have got hold of the following 2nd hand (without manuals) in readiness to make a small rack system. Pod Pro XT - Mod Pro - Filter Pro and Echo Pro and finally an Alesis Q20 ... have never built one before (just used floor pedals with jack connectors etc) .. so my question is .. do I just use midi cables to connect the back in/out thru all units or must I have jack plug connections between them as well. There is so much going on behind all these units with differing sockets and plug holes. Please bear with me as I new to all this - guess it is pure basic stuff to all you Line 6 gurus on here. Also I assume I plug the guitar in the guitar in on the front of the Pod Pro XT but which jack hole at the back do I connect the amp to? Thks Have attached a pdf of the equip and connections at back etc.
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