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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I will re-post this in the Computer Based Recording forum section as suggested. It was late at night when I posted here and I was a bit bleary eyed. I have already tried downloading the driver from the Line 6 site and have also tried several of the things offered in the "black blob" help and FAQ link. Unfortunately I don't have another computer to muck about with. Again, many thanks. I'm sure the problem and fix is something stupid...
  2. Line 6 Studio UX2 won't power up (no VU meter lights) on pc start up. There is 5v from the usb connector and other usb devices work fine. On trying to open it says "cannot detect a compatible Line 6 device". I tried system restore after turning of anti virus but no go. It's been working right along for 4 years. Not understanding this at all. I've searched online and tried the usb audio trouble shooting suggestion about changin the power setting in the control panel to no avail. I also tried loading the driver from the Line 6 site, again to no avail. I know this is an old product but would appreciate any suggestions.
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