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  1. @Kilrahi @jpement Hello - got it resolved yesterday. Although the global settings fx send is on return; my presets that i am using are all maxed out on channel and master volume of the respective amp which was causing the sound issues. Brought it down to half (compensated by increasing the overall vol) and its resolved now @jpement did you try this with multiple presets ? try a different IR as well ?
  2. Hello All HX Stomp User (2.8) Routing : Compressor >>Overdrive >>HX Stomp Main Input >> HX Stomp fx Send >> Strymon Timeline >> Strymon Big Sky >> Stereo Return HX Stomp >> HX Stomp Output >> Amp I have been experiencing a crackling from my amp speakers like its being pushed really hard whenever the fx loop is turned on the HX Stomp Chain (specifically the Strymon Big Sky). Checked all the cable quality, connection and everything seems to be fine. Would the routing be the issue ? Also, would there be a major difference when connected directly from the Big Sky (being the last in chain before HX Stomp) to the Main Input of the Stomp to the amp VS HX Stomp FX send return (current routing) ? Appreciate your earliest help here please :) thanks, Shibin
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