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  1. I ended up buying a Spider IV 75 to replace my Spider III 75 because it was cheaper than attempting a repair.
  2. Indeed they do fail but not sure that I would call a 6 year old Spider III old and I have much older amps that still work.
  3. So the only way I could fix this was to buy a Spider iv. Unfortunately technical support could offer no help. Expensive solution. Just hoping that the Spider iv is more reliable than the Spider iii if not I just wasted a small fortune.
  4. Yes I can change channels on the amp, the problem is that it does not respond to the pedal.
  5. Yes I changed the cable. FBV2 works with all my cables and another Spider iii. Seems like I really am the only person ever to have this problem.
  6. Done all the obvious things like use a different cable and reset the amp. Contacted support they could not help. Repair company says that they have never seen the problem before and sending it to them plus the non refundable investigation fee is nearly half the cost of a new amp. Desperate to know if anyone else has had this problem and can it be fixed.
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