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  1. If your going into an AMP with the Trio Guitar Output and your effects are coming out of an amp modelling effects pedal...best to go into the 'Clean Channel'.
  2. As there is no editor application on a PC/MAC to bring them not sure how this could be done. Seems they would need to be in the 'cloud' first.
  3. Fixed. Big update on the OS of the tab. All prev greyed options are now available.
  4. HI, thanks for the response. Have tried all three suggestions. No change in behaviour of the app. Anyone for Line6 care to comment?
  5. HI, well they are grayed out, but music player streams to the unit and the editor works. When i adjust a parameter in the remote app the change is reflected on the unit.
  6. Hi All, I'm seeing in the remote app in my Android Lenova Tablet some features not available. Selecting and navigating the hardware presents Selecting the Turner Selecting the Output Control Other functionality is there, I.E I can use the editor, music library, save and upload tones and search for tones Is this a 'known' issue or something on my tab my Tab is at version 4.2.2 has a kernal version of 3.4.5 Cheers IAX
  7. That's a shame. No real way to record your own performance against a backing track unless you take the analogue outputs into another AD converter.
  8. Greetz, Just wondering is it possible to record in a DAW via the USB Interface the output of a stream from an Android Device and a guitar to Firehawk via bluetooth Thanks to All
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