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  1. I'm having trouble getting a decent sound going straight into a PA. It's terribly thin and fizzy. I'm using a Dr Z model with channel volume maxed, gain at about 25% and the mixer panned center on L and R with a +3db boost. I'm using external overdrive pedals (mainly a Timmy) in front for my drive. The Cleans sound great, but the Timmy sounds really fizzy. The problem is I sound great with headphones when setting up the patches, but at the church where I play it isn't exactly an easy feat to really hear what the audience hears. All I hear is what my Aviom shoots back to me through $14 JVC earbuds. I plan on getting some Shure SE215s this week. So, having said all that what would be some good desktop monitors to give me a more accurate sound of what a good PA would produce? Any tips on eliminating fizz? Should I quit using an external pedalboard with the HD500 and just use the built in effects?
  2. When using the tuner on the HD500x, I notice a loud noise when disengaging the tuner. It mainly happens when I'm playing along with music while hooked up to my laptop. Any ideas? I've been using a separate tuner because of this, and I'm a little worried it might happen in a live situation through the PA.
  3. I have an HD500x and I'm having difficulty in matching the tones I practice with at home to something that also sounds good on stage through a church PA. It always seems like once I get my patches set up perfectly through my headphones, it is either too bright or too dark once I plug into the church PA. Are there any tricks to matching the tone you get through headphones and PA's? Is there a way to set up patches universally where you can be pretty close to the true sound you'll get out of a PA? What do you gigging guys do when you take your HD500 to a new gig site and the patches sound like crap through the house PA???
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