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  1. Just talked to MF and they stated the 4/24 date now showing on the site is given to them by Line6. Good thing is that he states there is enough product coming in whenever they get it to cover all orders(if Line6 sends all they ordered). Still a dissappointment with Line6 on how they handled this launch but glad to hear they are being shipped out. Here's hoping...
  2. Ugh, i just love it when a customer expresses he is annoyed with a company in a non-combative way and is told to relax by a fan boy. Sorry for assuming you worked for the company. Your comments made me think you did.
  3. MF didn't post it as an official release date. They state very clearly it is estimated. Why wouldn't they post your estimated date? They are trusting you to know about when they should receive your product. I was also very understanding when it changed to 03/14 but now that it is pushing to 4/8 and like you said maybe 2 months after that?!?! is really poor planning on your estimations. Looking forward to the product. Whenever I get it...
  4. Come on line 6, constantly moving the ship date back is getting a little annoying. Not being ready for a product launch is really poor customer support. By the time i receive the product it will be 2 months after i ordered and 1 month after the original ship date of 3/2. That's if it even ships on 4/8. Very crappy thing to do to your customers. Can anyone confirm an actual date when the product will go to resellers like musicians friend?
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