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  1. Thanks Jim. I've been goofing around the cloud and I found out, the amp itself has some pretty decent sound in the sound banks. I really dig this amp and it is damn good for training at home and even for small gig's. I got some good tones out of it with my Les Paul. It really is a joy to use. Later I will put my Strat in and try that one too. Thanks for your help mate and all the best.
  2. Thanks Jim!! Mine was just the opposite. I bought the USB-cable today and loaded the updater prog to my MAC. With that the update took only few minutes. The amp works now with my iPhone and the sounds are great. The funny thing is that after the firmware was loaded, it just kept me waiting say, that it is still downloading some instructions or so. I let it load that for some 10 min and it seemed that actually nothing was happening. I just cut that "upload" and the program showed me, that the version 2.50.2 was installed. After that I just reset the amp and it started for immediately. One thing to mention. I found out somewhere, that I should press the "Tap" and the "Tone" at the same time and then turn the power on. After it was turned on, I heard a "click" and just after that it was in some sort of "update-mode". When the firmware was installed, I just turned it off and press the vol and tone together, before I turned it on. Anyway, now it works like a charm and it sounds surprisingly good. ATM I'm very happy. Today I tested it with my Flaxwood-guitar that has P90's in it. Today I'll have more time and I'll test it with my Les Paul. Thanks Jim for your answer. I really appreciate it. Cheers.
  3. I got one more very basic Q. It might sound stupid, but just to make sure. Is it like you can update the Amplifi Frimware with iPhone from the "beginning". The idea is, that you shoulnd't need a MAC for that, but a bluetooth connection and an IOS-device should be enough? I can find my Amplifi with my iPhone and the bluetooth works okay, but I just can't upload the firmware, like I said before, and because of that, I can't control the amp with my phone. And one more, it would have been nice to have the usb-cable with the amp, if it's that much needed.
  4. I just got the amp and I'm having the same prob. I'm trying to update it on my iPhone via bluetooth. I just downloaded the remote control app and it has the latest version 2.50.3 inside it. Every time I'm trying to update it, like the say it should be done on youtube etc, it fails every time. Every time it just stops and says, DEVICE UPDATE FAILED :(. That is the message as it was on my phone's screen. That sad smiley doesn't make it any more fun after 10th time. I am really waiting for an answer. Without this update it just doesn't work!
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