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  1. This is the third time this has happened. I've had two xd-v70 and one xd-v55 handheld mics break in two. The 55 went last night. the battery compartment screws onto the transmitter section with a screw through a plastic piece. unfortunately the battery cover screws onto the battery compartment, so a little tension on one half or the other, snaps the mic into two pieces. The only thing holding the two parts together is the plastic piece that the screw goes through. So if the mic is on a stand in the mic holder at the battery covering, pulling down slightly on the capsule end of the mic will snap the mic in two, or if the clip is near the power switch, slight pressure to the battery compartment end will also snap the mic in two. The plastic piece that the screw goes int, is not strong enough to resist any pressure. The first time, I figured it was a fluke, but the second time a female singer put her hand on the mic near the capsule while it was in the holder, and snap, two pieces. It pulls the ribbon cable and the molex connecter right out with it. The only way to fix them is to either glue the plastic piece back on and re-assemble, or replace the plastic piece which has the round circuit board on it, but this piece doesn't seem to be available. So twice, I've had to spend $200 on a new mic. See pic, after I've glued the small round plastic piece that the screw goes through back on. Waiting for it to dry completely before I re-assemble. Don't know if this has happened to anybody else, but the design is not good, and its happened to me three times not, so I gotta assume this has happened elsewhere. I've got another brand, that's ten years old, and has taken way more abuse, and never had a problem.
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