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  1. I have POD Studio UX2 (black faced). I don't know how old has this Line 6, because I bought it used from my friend
  2. Yes. Pod Farm works correctly, but Pod Farm 2 no.
  3. Hi! I'm Karol and I'm from Poland, so I sorry for my language mistakes. I have problem with my Line 6 UX2. When I starting Pod Farm 2, he hasn't all amps and effects, and he showing me this statement (in attachment). How to fix it?
  4. Hi! I'm from Poland and my english isn't good. I have problem with my Pod Farm 2. POD Farm 1 works, but POD Farm 2 not works. I reinstalled all software but this didn't help. Please help me! Before I had POD Studio GX and I haven't this problem.
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