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  1. I raised the following ticket with Line 6, thought it would be useful to share. I'm sure you'll agree that this is a quite pitiful level of customer service: June 15th (email from me) Hi, I am a left handed guitar player, I own a pod HD500 and an L3t speaker. I want to own a Variax but this is currently not a possibility. However, I know a very good luthier who has carried out previous Variax transplants and is willing to give it a go on my guitar. I believe you are selling the kits to Shurikan guitars in Oz and they do left handed guitars too. My questions are: 1. Do you have a similar set up in the UK with a luthier 2. Would it be possible to supply the innards only. I am happy for the warranty to be void from the outset - I know that Shurikan will make left handed guitars at no extra cost so please don't tell me it is not possible (as you have when I have asked previously) 3. If neither of those is possible, will there ever be a left handed Variax available and if so will it be a premium product or based on budget Yamaha guitars? Cheers Ben June 16th (response from line6) Dear customer, Thank you your request We're sorry but the Variax are only produced as right-hand models (No left-handed versions planned) If luthiers do modifications it will run under their own responsibility : Line 6 does not support the customization or modification of Line 6 products, outside of official firmware updates or hardware upgrades performed by an authorized Line 6 service center. Unsupported customizations or modifications of your Line 6 device will void the device's warranty ! Best regards, Technical Support Line 6 Support Europe June 16th (reply from me) Hi. You've not answered my questions. Please answer them. I already know the answer you have given me. Please take the time to read my request and respond appropriately. Don't fob me off with a 'cut and paste' response. I intend to buy a Helix when they come out and have spent thousands on line 6 products over the years. Do not treat me like a number. 'Now every guitarist can break the rules' - this is your strap line for the new variax standard is it not? This is a violation of the trade description act unless of course you change it to 'now every guitarist can break the rules except for 10-15% of the population who happened to be left handed'. If you only have template responses to choose from. Please pass this up the line to a human being who can make a decision. Your initial response is infuriating. Like I said I would like to buy a helix when they come out but make no mistake I am seriously looking at Kempler and Axe Fx too. As of today (June 20th), I've had no further response. It beggars belief that the customer service at Line6 is so utterly woeful. Sorry fellow left handers, looks like we are still being ignored by Line6. It's a total disgrace Fortunately I also got this reponse from Shurikan Guitars who will make guitars to whatever spec you want: Hi Ben, Line 6 don't sell the brains direct to public. I am in the midst of setting up Shuriken Guitars which will cater for left handers. Stay tuned... Sounds promising!
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