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  1. I have owned the 150 IV spider head using a Marshall JCM 900 lead-1936 sealed 2-12 cabinet for years now and love it....the problem I have with it is I have no room for ajustmant when it comes to the master gain... I am moving to a apartment in a few weeks in Dallas and anticipate a problem with practicing there because of the imbalance with the programmed channels and the manual settings jiving to the same loudness... It is just to powerful as is!! I tried to tried to trade it in on a new combo 75 watt but they would only give me $100 for a trade in.. reduckuless in my book with hardly any time on the head and in mint condition... the setup is to perfect for my lickings so I just walked out in discuss.. "Guitar" City where I have bought all guitars and equipment over a lifetime of purchase weather I lost loads of money or not..NO MORE!! for sure!! Can I take the head to a dealer and have the master control rewired for more ranging the the 75 watt setting or am I just dreaming... need some help from you line 6 guys on this one... love the head and the Marshall sealed cabinet combo is great!! just need to feed it less power??????
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