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  1. Yes, did a factory reset while holding volume knob and tone button together then calibrated the pedal, did the whole process more than once. Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or even heard of it with only the effected sound coming out and none of the dry sound?
  2. Having some difficulties with the firmware updates. When I first hooked up the amp it had A, B, C, and D channels all working with factory settings and the amp souds decent out of the box. However, the reason I purchased this amp is the ability to add any guitar sound from just about any band and use the different bank presets with the Shortboard mkII. After doing the 2.1 firmware update the only sound the amp will make now is the wet/effected sound and nothing from the dry signal, very odd. If I turn the reverb knob on the amp to zero then I get no sound. As I turn the reverb knob up it acts like a volume knob but there is a huge latency because the only sound coming out of the amp is the wet effect sound. I've tried updating multiple times and did a factory reset on the amp and pedal calibration and still doing the exact same thing. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Please help!
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