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  1. That sounds about like my luck, sir! :-) To put, say, a StewMac two-way rod in, I'd need to pop the fretboard, correct? I shouldn't have to route more though if it's already routed for a two way, or is that NOT correct?
  2. psarkissian: Thanks for taking those questions. I've attached images for your consideration. There is a cutout in the guard for nut access, but it's not large enough actually navigate through with a hex wrench. More of a peephole than a useful access hole. Fretwork is "ok", but has required that I level, dress and polish them. It plays much better now, as there were high frets in places. I agree, then, that "something must be wrong." It ranges in motion from tight position (clockwise turns to achieve moderate resistance) to UNSCREWED from rod with counterclockwise motion. Removed battery box as requested (see pics) Again, I really appreciate your questions. Sounds like I got a bit snowed by the seller. Since there was a refret, Perhaps the luthier removed the fretboard and changed out the truss rod. That makes no sense to me, but I would welcome any advice or information that can help. Also, if you need a video of the rod action, I can provide that. It simply tightens to the right, and loosens to the left until the nut threads off the rod.
  3. And, for the Line6 guys here: why not PUBLISH the truss rod type in the ads and manuals? It's not something that should have to be asked, and I am still convinced this one is one-way.
  4. I bought it used. It was NOT a factory refret. And, please keep in mind it is a US model, so it tightens from the body end (you have to take the neck off.) But, here's the deal: if you have a two-way rod, it tightens to the right (stiffens back) and then as you go clockwise, it loosens, THEN starts tightening to impose forward bow. This rod does NOT do that. Go lefty-loosey, and it keeps getting more loose, then glides until the nut starts spinning off. That is not how a two-way rod works. So, either the US model does NOT have a two-way rod, or it makes me wonder if they replaced the rod? Why would they do THAT? That's rhetorical. As for the re-fret: the job is excellent. This wouldn't be the first time I've had a quarter-sawn neck that didn't do the limbo and go backward. That "stability" of quarter-sawn sometimes imposes it's grain memory and becomes too stiff to reverse a backbow.
  5. Why does the US version of the JTV-69 not have a two-way truss rod? i.e. why can't I turn it counter-clockwise and forward bow the neck? I assumed it was two-way, but the nut simply started coming off. There is zero tension on the truss rod. How difficult is it to install a 2-way truss-rod? I love the feel of the neck.
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