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  1. Thanks again for your prompt reply! Yes, I checked the amp models and they are present. I think I start to understand what you mean... As I was affraid of, most of the presets need additional FX models... Unfortunately I'm not an audio expert and I expected to use the presets with some little adjustments. Now I realize it's not going to be possible... Do you think that purchasing FX Junkie will make it possible? Again, Line6 should provide more info for non-experts like me! It seems it would be easier and cheaper buying the Pro version in the end, though I don't want the whole stuff.... :( Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!
  2. Thx for your reply. Yes! I connected, disconnected, reconnected, rebooted, reinstalled, ... Tried everything. Metal Shop does not need to be downloaded, right? (I didn't since I don't find it). Maybe I need other packs (something like FX Junkie)? If so, it would be a good practice to warn customers before purchasing... there is very little and not very clear information about Metal Shop Pack (and packs in general) on the Line6 web.
  3. Hi there! I recently purchased Pod Farm 2.59 and Metal Shop. I downloaded Pod Farm and authorized both packs on my PC and my device (TonePort UX2). They show up on my account, as well as on the License Manager. When I open Pod Farm, I can not see any Folder related to Metal Shop presets or similar. In addition to that, most of the "Heavy and Metal" presets within the folder Pod Farm are faded out, and very few of them are enabled. The reason seems to be the lack of many other models that I don't have... How can I know if I have Metal Shop activated, how can I use it? Are there presets that I can use or I have to build them by my own? How to enable all those other High-Gain and Mid-Gain and Heavy presets that I expected to be available when buying Metal Shop? I Know, too many questions, but I am totally lost and frustrated (I start to think I paid for nothing or... well, a very tiny number of presets) Any help will be welcome!
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