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  1. Thank you very much for the detailed reply and help.
  2. Was not sure where to ask this and hope this is the right place. Anyway I am running the Helix LT through my Friedman BE-50 Deluxe. I have it hooked up using the 4 cable method. I just ordered the new Friedman Smallbox pedal and want to use it along with the Helix. Not sure where to put it in line? Do I just hook it up going from guitar to pedal and then pedal to Helix? With the 4 cable method I am confused as to which cable the pedal would be placed In/Out. Thanks for any help.
  3. Well one thing for sure. The amp isn't going back. What a great amp. Made progress on the HD500x using the four cable method. Replaced long cables with better quality shorter cables. Used a ground lift plug on the AC from the amp and bought a better shielded USB cable to run to the computer. All hum and noise is gone:) Also hooked up the midi cable. Not sure what its used for but I will learn. Now getting some great tones and I think the problem was is where I was putting the effects in the chain. Got some learning to do and again things are looking and sounding a lot better today than yesterday. Again thanks everyone. I'm only running bedroom levels in volume but I am on 10 acres so my bedroom levels are quite loud:)
  4. Thanks everyone. I did make some headway on the noise and hum problem using a separate AC circuit and some shorter cables. I agree its probably just a learning curve. I also will plug directly in to the amp today so I can judge the amp by itself and if happy Im sure I can work around the other issues. Funny how a nights sleep, some great comments from you guys can put a different prospective on things:) Thanks again
  5. Received my 5150 iii 50 watt today and one of the reasons I bought it was because my Twin Reverb reissue doesn't have an effects loop. Anyway I hooked up the HD500x using the four cable method and it sounds horrible! I have to be missing some setting somewhere or level adjustment somewhere. I have the HD set on amp and Stack Power Amp out. Also the switch on the back is set to Stomp. I was running my HD500 hooked up in to the front of my Twin and it sounded great. With the HD and 5150 and the four cable method it almost sounds overdriven and garbled. On top of that I get a lot of noise and hum. I need to get this figured out or the 5150 iii goes back. Please any pointers and help would be very appreciated.
  6. Need some guidance. I am new to the Fender and HD500x. The Fender Twin has no effects loop so I have no alternative but to plug directly in front of the amp out of the HD. I know I shouldn't run amp and cabinet modeling but is it ok to run pre-amp models with no cabs? Also should I have my output set on studio direct or combo amp? I just want the best sound with or without Pre-amp modeling. Any suggestions or pointers would be great. Thanks
  7. Thanks and I wont. I appreciate your help.
  8. I had the HD500 and now have the 500x. I also have a Fender Twin 65 Reissue with no FX loop. So my only option is to plug in to the front of the amp. I don't use the amp or cabinet modeling and only use for effects on the HD. I am trying to get as close as I can to the natural sound of the Twin as well as the same volume settings. I did this by going to an unused patch. It seems I get the closest to both Volume and tone by using Studio instead of Combo in the settings and by using line instead of amp on the switch on top. Questions. Is this ok to run it this way especially using line vs amp? Is this the preferred way? I just don't want to hurt the HD or my amp but want the best sound with most dynamics and least loss of natural tone. Note: I did try using the line/amp switch on amp but had to use a FX loop in the HD chain and increase the return to about 7 to match the volume of my Twin when I am plugged up without the HD. Hope all that made since? The 70s were rough:) Oh and also I don't gig out live but only use for home playing. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
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