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  1. Brue58ski thanks for commenting basically i am useless at this stuff i have my Powercab 112 and helix and i am wanting to use headphone out of the helix into the headphone port on my windows computer then play to backing tracks YT etc and be able to use the phones volume knob on helix for set the loudness of the track but will i need to put a separate signal path on each of my presets for the headphone jack to computer so i can control the volume of backing track from the headphone knob on the helix. I hope you get where i am coming from if not can you give me a easy way to play to backing tracks without using a daw.
  2. Hi Helix Family, Long story short i am a new helix owner i played around with it for a couple of days before going back overseas to work. Long story short i am not very tech savvy if i want to play backing tracks from my computer how do i go about it? i was thinking of plugging lead from headphones on helix to computer so i can use the headphone volume knob on the helix for Backing track loudness. Basically i have 1 Powercab 112 so mono. I would be very grateful for any help in this its doing my head in lol. Can not wait to get back home and get stuck into making patches. Thank you.
  3. I have just got the amplifi 150 so I downloaded the remote app then connected my foot board to the amp to get the 100 presets. It came up you need update when I updated the firmware it give me all the banks but they where empty except the four you already have can someone tell me what the problem is are what I'm doing wrong please
  4. Hi just looking for any good settings for Bon Jovi, any song, and a good acoustic setting for wanted dead or alive
  5. Sorry only getting back to you now looking for settings for stuff of these days many thanks if you can help
  6. Hi just using the Line 6 IV 75 with FBV , trying to get as close as I can to Bon Jovi sound from the 90s, and settings for songs would be most appreciated.
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