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  1. I'm trying to run my HX Stomp in my rjm PBC/6X switcher. I really dig how the Mobius has its pre-post routing so you can put different effects in front or after drives and other effects. Is there a way to do this with HX Stomp and an rjm loop? I've been putting the whole rjm in the loop of HX and running it as a block, but just wondering if there's a better way.
  2. Don't know if this has been covered, but I'm curious how folks are organizing their presets? I'm asking because I'm starting from scratch so I can control my presets / snapshots with an rjm PBC6X switcher via midi. For example, do you organize them all by direct, FX only, etc.. like they come out of the box? Do your organize by stereo and mono? Do you do a preset of only one type of effect and use snapshots to change them? I think you get the idea...but I'm wondering what others do. I have a bunch of analog pedals I use in the rjm switcher. I put the entire switcher into the FX loop of HX so I can move all that stuff around amongst other blocks. I also don't use much amp sims at all, as I use external analog tube pres. Any advice or insight would be welcome. Thanks!
  3. Wondering what I'm doing wrong as I can't get the following to work: guitar > Line 6 HX Stomp (using preamp model block) > Fryette PS2 Line In Fryette PS2 Line Out (unbalanced cable) > Mooer Radar > Saffire Pro 40 interface > Logic X I can't get a sound out. I use the Mooer Radar for cab simulation so I need to go from Fryette out to it. When I use the Fryette with my Splawn amp, everything works fine (that path is amp speaker out > Amp in on Fryette > Line out Fryette with unbalanced cable to Mooer Radar > Saffire Pro 40 > Logic). Something seems fishy with the preamp / preamp setting on Hx or volume / Line in Any help welcome.
  4. djpgreek

    Delay settings

    So anyone got some recommended settings or which delays they use?
  5. djpgreek

    Delay settings

    Hello folks... need some HX Stomp delay settings recommendations. I use humbuckers and fx loop of my amp. I try diaing them in but I feel like its either too much or not enough.... so Id like some recommendations for mono delay. Loking for: Medium/long Tape or Digital settings for classic rock solos.... Shorter /slap analog, tape or digital for aways on delay for space/ rhythm playing thanks
  6. Someone on this forum posted that they use the mic pre to help with that tube feel. Works pretty good. Agreed on seeing new ways of processing. All in all, yes I can use the full amp modeling and it's great. I just wish we could have something like...EL84s, KT66s, EL34s, 6V6s kind of the way Torpedo CAB, Amplifirebox and Mooer are doing it.
  7. I hear ya man...definitely not going to. The models work fine and are great. Just wish I had that option since I have a killer preamp too.
  8. Dude if Mooer can cram 4 power amp models that are pretty decent in the Radar pedal, Line 6 can do it. It's silly that I can't just use power amp simulation with a cab or IR of choice, but can use their preamp with something external.
  9. I have an external preamp (Kingsley Maiden D) I want to put in the Helix FX Loop and use in conjunction with a power amp model in Helix and an IR of my choosing. How can you do this in Helix? I get the FX loop block and the IR block....but how do I set up JUST the power amp model?
  10. Did you attach your LT to the bottom lid by using Velcro? Does it stay pretty securely? Is there enough clearance vertically?
  11. Bradycases is pausing on orders right now
  12. Im searching for a flat pedalboard / case to house my Helix floor. I also have a small power supply, turbo tuner mini and Kingsley Maiden preamp to put on it. So its not just for Helix. Any recommendations? Dont want something terribly bulky. Was thinking to maybe ake my own and get a Pelican case
  13. That's helpful and makes sense. I'm not using modeling but just the effects from the Helix...and two amps. I want to do what this guy doing with pre / post effects with one of the amp... I guess I need to do 4CM, but how would I route that using the two outputs of helix? I definitely would need to incorporate one of the helix FX loops. That's what's confusing me I guess. I could split up the paths like in video...one could go to clean amp....it's the output of the other that I would need to figure out where to assign.
  14. I want to use the same effects on both amps. Not necessarily using some effects on one path versus the other. So for example... I have a chorus. I want to use that chorus on clean sounds.....but then have them still on when I switch to dirty amp. To my other question....without using separate paths...... how should I set up the two amps (but one has an effects loop and the other does not). The application there.....having a delay and verb on the cleans....but when I engage the dirty amp...I want the delay and the verb to be after amps preamp. This would require me putting the amps preamp in a Helix loop via 4CM..... but how would I then connect to the second amp from helix or dirty amp? Lastly, how do I toggle between the two amps. What would I have to set up to go between the two channels?
  15. I have similar question in another thread here....but wondering if anyone else could chime in on this one for help. I see how to route 4CM and 7CM.. to use with two amps...but again, I'm not looking to do a stereo amp set up. I want to use one amp for my cleans and one for the dirty tones and have both of those shared by helix. Is there a way for me to run helix by which I can use 4CM for dirty amp and then go from dirty amp to clean amp (which may not have effects loop). Basically I'd be going straight into the clean amp since I don't need an FX loop with it.
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