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  1. Update: not sure how this would affect it, but guitar cable out (of HD500) = constant "update flash" message. Guitar cable plugged in = normal display screen (with visual of effects/amp). Reset power and holding nav pad up/down/right still does nothing. HD Edit connects and sends edits to 500, though the little asterisk (not saved icon) still shows on the 500. No functionality with any controls on the board except: Drive thru Master and the Expression Pedal. Occasionally, the display will sometimes switch rapidly and get stuck on bank selection. Will be contacting customer support Monday. Hate to think my board has failed after only 16 mos. of light use.
  2. Yep. Powered down - waited about 10 secs, then powered up w/ left nav key held down. Tried a couple times each (with and without USB connected). Still the same.
  3. Loaded Line Monkey, HD Edit, drivers, etc. on the computer. Updated the flash to 2.20. Performed the global reset as per the knowledge base posting. Display continues to show "update flash". Rolled the flash back 2.02, and then up to 2.20 again (along w/ attempting global reset each time). It does display "updating flash" as Line Monkey does it's thing. LIne Monkey and HD Edit appear to recognize the HD500 (see image) but it's timing out. Powering up with the direction key down or to the right has no affect either. Any tips/solutions would be appreciated. Tks, Ken
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