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  1. I had a problem playing live and at rehearsals , volume shoots up and loss of master volume noisy from hell . I gentally tap the head box and volume shoots down back to normal, ( my head is in a "live in" road case) I changed power tubes and preamp tubes rebiased to spec. I have the same problem volume shoots up loud hiss master volume loss took the amp out of box again , put in on my bench checked biasing all good, I tapped the circuit board and the master volume connector was kind of loose i pushed it back on , checked my biasing and removed "front plaxi LINE 6 LED LOGO" to give amp more air she was running hot , bammmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!! no issues played the Casino last week amp kicked lollipop, I think this amp needs ventalation or a fan. I did submit a line 6 ticket but I thought Im not spending more cash on repairs,hope this can help my fellow players cheers. ( I still run amp all day in my studio running hot , still no issues) regards. update :2 weeks later.... all good still not issues played live keeping my fingers crossed ...success !!!!!!!! soundman at bar gave compliments on my guitar tones.