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  1. Can Line6 give a Statement here, that the recomended stick's are all working, but in a m20d network without additional wifi routers the are always connection problems - 1) will be fixed in next fw 2) i have to buy Airport Express
  2. Yes, i already had the Connection nightmare to - without any other strong wifi in a church Gig. The way i got through, was just to wait up to a Minute to get a Connection. Once established - it is working without any Problems. But until this Problem isn't solved - i will have the only iPad in my Group.
  3. - First Recording Session, 12 mics, without Real PA < good so! - Audio mixing was done by another Analog Mixer, we used a splitter for all channels. - Everyhing works fine on my Standalone m20d WLAN - until i once disconnected my iPad (only switched off the Display, so that the remoteapp has to reconnect lateron) :) - When i later tried to reconnect, i waited (i know it takes time) - and nothing happend - no connection possibe. - Yes i know! - restarted iPad completly - nothing. - When i checked m20d and the Touchscreen was freezed for a long period - nothing, so i have to cold-start m20d. - The recording was usefull until the iPad Reconnection try Point. - After this nice experience, i could reconnect and record the second Set of Gig. - so -> Never close your connected iPad while recording or playing.
  4. Here is my last Post forwarding the same issue: http://line6.com/support/topic/811-mastering-a-recording-with-m20d/ You will see all ideas in the Archive... http://line6.com/support/topic/811-mastering-a-recording-with-m20d/ @mrose101: You capture the nice Master Mix througth the "analog out's" - not enough to master a CD :)
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