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  1. I'm new to the digital world of amps and everything, having been a tube player for most of my life. I am wondering if I can use garageband as a Midi controller and play through the amp? The garageband app has some great models that are pretty amazing, but can you play via garageband into the catalyst as a power amp? Also, I read that catalyst's have recording software that can be integrated them via PC. I ahven't seen anything about this other than what I read online. Is this true?
  2. thanks! Bummer there's no White Stripes (7 nation army) preset. Been trying to dial that one in. :)
  3. Is there a list of all available presets and artist settings in the spider jam somewhere?
  4. seems to be working now. Think my toddler was messing with the flashing buttons.
  5. also, the drum volume thing works, but when I turn off the amp it defaults to 100% again. Any way to change this?
  6. couple of questions that I can't find answers to: 1) when setting the drum vs guitar output level for backing tracks, etc., is there a way to save your settings as a default so the drums are not always at 100% volume? I find that 100% volume really drowns out any guitar output 2) How can you make, for example, a 5 minute song wtihout every part looping over and over? Example: I chose a back beat, recorded rhythm chords for 8 measures. recorded another guitar part for 8 measures. Then I soloed over it...BUT if I choose to record the solo, after the initial 8 measures it loops again and I'm soloing over my recorded solo (if you follow me). How can I either extend the backing tracks to not loop continuously but rather record 8 measures or whatever, and then extend that to be 24 measures so I can have a longer solo session?
  7. Is there line 6 software like fender fuse where you can plug the amp into the computer and setup even more tones and amp models, etc?
  8. let us know the results and which one you liked better.
  9. horax

    surf tones

    I did find if I use the Pasadena Rock drum track, crank it to 160 BPM, you can do ok for surf. Unfortunately you can't get 2 snare hits on the second beat and 1 snare hit on the fourth , but it still works out ok. Amp settings...max reverb (or use a pedal), add a touch of tremolo and tape echo. I play off of the twang or clean settings and it works pretty well. However, not sure if I'm hearing hte guitar or just the amp, if you follow me...almost seems as if the guitars are not showing their true character through the line 6 as a lot of my guitars sound similar through this amp. weird.
  10. horax

    surf tones

    I've recently picked up a line 6 spider jam after years of being without any L6 gear. I kind of like this one...and I'm able to dial in a decent surfy tone with it. however, I'm having difficulty finding proper drum tracks or anything I could use with it. Am I missing something, or am I going to have to suck it up and create my own?
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