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  1. Hi guys. I'm connecting my POD with 4CM for last couple of months. But in the signal chain, if I put POD between guitar and amplifier signal changes. I don't know because of signal strenght, signal compress or anything but it really bothers me. So i want to put some analog effects between guitar and amplifier and use the pod for after pre-amp effects such as delays and reverbs. How should i connect it? Amplifier send --> POD HD500 which input? POD HD500 which output? --> Amplifier return
  2. It's very good man. It's like the original one. :) But in my humble opinion, pay attention to metronome on solo section. :) By the way, thanks about that hum destroyer video, when I've get the money from gig I'll consider that device. :)
  3. I was doing that way too but I bought a new amplifier and I'm trying to writing tones for it, so I must connect the amplifier anyway. Actually it's very annoying situation that I have to write my tone in one hour(my battery time). But even so, better than that noise. I'm gonna research that grounding problem. I hope I can find the solution and share it in here. :)
  4. Wouw. I did not expect this to be resolved so quickly. It's laptop and i tried what you said. It's working. Thank you very much again. :)
  5. Hello there guys. Sorry if my language is obscure, I know a little bit English. :) When I want to write my tone with "POD HD500 Edit" app, I connect it with USB to the computer and I connect POD's output to the amplifier. But when it connected both of them (amp & pc), I'm getting some weird noise like R2-D2. :P I've added a file if you guys want to hear what it sounds like. Why is this happening? Is it solvable? Thank you in advence. :) Amplifier Noise.WAV
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