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  1. Thanks guys, The direction key trick did work ! Everything works perfectly ! You saved my next 2 months ! :D
  2. Hi, I tried to record vocals with the Pod HD Pro using the Pod HD Pro Edit software. The problem is, the whole system bugged, and asked me to reset the whole device. So I turned the Pod off. Now when I turned it on, the little screen of the Pod shows the "Line 6" but won't get to the main menu, (as on the video linked below.) I tried to turn the machine off and on again at least 10 times... What the hell can I do ? I'm going on tour in a week. I need the Pod for the shows, and I have some recordings to do with the Pod... Is there a way to fix this without losing all my presets ? Is there a way to fix this at all ? I love my Pod HD Pro, it would really lollipop me off to have to buy a new machine...
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