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  1. No it’s not reversed. It’s hard to explain what’s happening. But. It seems like I’m each preset wherever the volume pedal is left whether toe or heel. When you change presets then go back to that preset. It don’t matter where the volume pedal is it will default to whatever parameter it was left on. Therefore volume pedal in toe position could still be silent if that preset was left in heel position. All I have to do is move the volume to activate it’s actual parameter. And it is not an external pedal
  2. xchefdino

    Volume pedal

    Why does my volume not stay on when changing presets. Even if the pedal is in toe Position. Also if it’s in heel position when I change presets it will also sometimes be on. I have to move the pedal to activate it every time. I just want a universal volume control for all presets. It’s very distracting during church service if I change preset and in heel position still has volume. Somebody. Please help
  3. xchefdino

    Volume pedal

    My volume pedal is upright and when I change presets it turns the new preset on at 100% unless I move the pedal. Kind of like to activate it. When playing live this is not good for obvious reasons please help. What do I need to do. It also does the opposite on some presets if it’s all the way down to 100% when I change preset the new preset will have no volume till I move the pedal to activate
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